A fast JSON codec for jython 2.5, written in java. To read the documentation and information about jyson, see the jyson wiki . Go here to download jyson .

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Jyson 1.0.2 - Improved Unicode support and boolean handling.
Jyson 1.0.2 includes improved Unicode support and updated handling of boolean data.
Added by Alan Kennedy over 12 years ago

Jyson 1.0.1 - a bug fix release of jyson now available.
A bug-fix release of jyson is now available which fixes a decoding bug.
Added by Alan Kennedy over 14 years ago

Binary download of jyson available.
I am pleased to announce that you can now download a binary build (i.e. a jar file) of jyson.
Added by Alan Kennedy about 15 years ago

I am pleased to announce the publication of jyson.
Jyson is a pure java JSON codec for jython 2.5.
Added by Alan Kennedy over 15 years ago

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Manager: Alan Kennedy