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Alan Kennedy, 2009-04-27 01:11 PM

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h1. The past, present and future of jyson.
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h2. Past
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As you may know, "JSON": is a *lightweight data-interchange format that is easy for humans to read and write*.
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I "wrote this JSON codec": when I first came across JSON, and realised that it was the perfect antidote for the complexity and heavy weight of XML, at least in terms of structured data-interchange.
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I intended to publish it as open source, but didn't get around to doing that until recently.
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h2. JSON in the python standard library.
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Back in 2008, I was working on a "commercial contract": where we were writing a "REST": and "AJAX": based system in Java and javascript, with both "jython": and "groovy": used for testing.
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I realised then that JSON had become such a commonly used format that it was an important omission that python did not have a JSON codec in the standard library, and "suggested on the python web-sig": that a JSON codec should be added to the standard library. At the time, there were "multiple competing implementations of JSON codecs for python": . 
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17 1 Alan Kennedy
It had been my original hope that the authors of these codecs and other interested parties could "collaborate on forming a standard interface for JSON codecs": that all python|jython|ironpython JSON codecs could implement, and John Millikin "tried to start such an effort": .
18 1 Alan Kennedy
19 1 Alan Kennedy
But Guido, the python "BDFL": "disagreed":, and blessed what was at that time the most popular python JSON codec, "simplejson":, written by "Bob Ippolito": . Bob contributed simplejson to the python standard library, and it became the "json module in cpython 2.6":
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h2. Future
22 1 Alan Kennedy
23 1 Alan Kennedy
My intention for Jyson is to 
24 1 Alan Kennedy
25 1 Alan Kennedy
  # Modify it so that it complies fully with the API of the "cpython json module": 
26 1 Alan Kennedy
  # Contribute it to the jython project so that jython has a fast pure-java implementation of the json module.
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