modjy: Modjy has been contributed to the jython project.

Added by Alan Kennedy over 15 years ago

Originally, I wrote modjy back in 2004 to track the WSGI specification as it developed, so that I could both understand and contribute to the evolving spec. I've kept modjy up-to-date with each released version of jython since then, including up to jython 2.5.

Although modjy worked fine as a standalone product, making modjy a part of the jython distribution would make the users life simpler, since no separate jar file would be required for modjy, and configuration would be simpler.

Therefore, the Jython development team agreed that modjy should be integrated into the jython source base, and distributed as an integral part of jython.I'm pleased to announce that this process has been completed, and modjy is now fully integrated into jython. You can read more on the details of how that was done on my blog: Jython Journeys: Modjy now fully integrated into jython.


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